The Trumpist Touch

The Trumpist Touch is a Digital Storytelling Production created during my P.G. Dip in DIT. The concept was to retell or re-imagine a story or fairy tale using mixed media. The story is a re-imagination of the fairytale, the Midas Touch, which tells the story of King Midas, a rich king who was obsessed with gold, when given the power to transform what he touches into gold, when one day he accidentally turns his daughter into gold. It takes this accident to make King Midas realise what is most important; the love of what he originally had. In the fairy tale, King Midas willingly exchanged the gold and they both lived happily ever after.

In the re-telling, this clip tells the story of Donald Trump, a man like King Midas, who is wealthy and also loves gold. A man obsessed with wealth,the only way he sees himself getting richer is by becoming the most powerful man in the world; the President of the United States.
Based on his policies and idealistic views, will president trump learn his lesson before it is too late? Only time will tell…

At the time of this production, the then “presidential candidate” Donald Trump announced he was running for president. Now that he is president, its almost seems an ironic premonition, one many of us fear and yet, we hope it will not become a reality.

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